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This site deals with things that I personally find frightening but also interesting. The idea that serial killers stalk and troll freely among the common citizenry terrifies me. But I am also very interested in the psychological makeup of these men without conscience.

Some of the links within categories overlap. For instance, forensic psychology often overlaps with psychology, and crime sites have info regarding criminal and forensic psychology. In one or two instances, psychology even overlaps with religion. Take your time and investigate all categories of interest to you.

This page is currently being updated and redecorated. Construction should be completed soon. Thank you for your patience.

Please be advised that some information contained in some of the links is most unpleasant and may not be suitable for everyone. For example, some crime and/or forensics sites may have crime scene investigation details. And the criminal psychology sites may have unpleasant details from serial killer's confessions. I have tried to stay away from the sensational, concentrating on more level headed, scholarly and less sensational sites. However, the visitor must bear in mind that the subject matter itself in some cases is disturbing.

Something you read at one of the sites may offend you.Your browser has a "Back" button. Don't hesitate to use it.

You have been WARNED!

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